4 LinkedIn Tips for the Lazy User

Man yawning in the office

LinkedIn seems pretty self-explanatory, right? You pretty much add your resume, connect with a few people, and maybe at some point it’ll be useful for a job search. But what happens if you just let it sit there and do the work for you? The answer is… nothing. So you may get a few views here or there, but it won’t really work to your advantage. So without paying for that premium profile, what can you do to get seen? Even if you don’t want to put in a ton of effort, there are a few things you can do to make your LinkedIn profile work for you:

  1. The more you’re active on it, the more people will view your profile. This doesn’t even need to mean you have to post all the time (although that certainly helps). Your activity could include a tweak to your profile, adding other connections, or even just looking at other people’s profiles! If they’re like most curious people, when you show up as one of the people who has viewed their profile, they’ll want to see who exactly you are. You never know what that might result in. If you want to be a bit more ambitious, try these 5 IFTTT recipes as well.
  2. The more you connect with people, the more it seems to come back your way. DO NOT spam people, but look for people in your industry that could be strong connections down the line. While 500+ connections looks pretty good on a profile, you want to go with quality over quantity. Be strategic with your connections, and find people who are influencers in your industry, or are even at your level, in order to gain additional insights into industry trends. Most people will accept an invitation if you work in similar areas, even if you don’t know them. Leverage these connections to learn more about the industry, and even about job opportunities down the line. Still a little nervous about reaching out to people you don’t know? You can import email contacts, connect with people at your company (which, depending on its size can be A LOT of people), and even connect with friends! You never know who their connections are.
  3. SEO, SEO, SEO! I would hope you know to include keywords in your profile, and make that profile fairly scannable, but if you’re the lazy user that’s reading this, then perhaps not. Potential employers and recruiters use keyword searches to find their employee, so make sure your profile matches the terms (and potentially job titles) you want to be searched for. You don’t have to include paragraphs upon paragraphs of past work experience, just make sure the right kind of experience is listed.
  4. Including work samples (or “media“) on your profile also help someone who’s simply scanning see what you’ve accomplished. Especially if it’s something you’ve published, someone can click right through to see your work. Especially if you don’t have a separate portfolio or blog (which is also a good idea), this is a great way to highlight your greatest hits.

Try these 4 steps to get started. That shouldn’t be too much for you 😉


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